Jøndal Gård…and all thats good in life.


You dont need to know me well to know that I am passionate about organic food. Basically I belive it is the future. I mean, why should we want anything but the best for ourselves and our families? This is why it was natural for me to start this column with Jøndal Gård.


In a small space in Torgata 7 you get soups and sandwiches at a very affordable price. Jøndal Gård’s concept is healthy fastfood. Now whats not to like about that? Plus everything is 100% organic.

– It is no option to compromise on this, says the farmer himself, Omar Wiker. If we do not have all the ingredients we need to make the soups totally organic, we don’t make them.

This earns Jøndal Gård Debios gold mark. A guarantee that the food you are eating is produced in a ecologically and sustainable manner. Omar Wiker is no not a newbie when it comes to producing food this way. His farm in Eidsvoll has been doing this since 1996. He thinks that this is a win-win-situasjon for both consumer and the environment.


I was curious to know how people in Oslo responded to their concept, healthy organic fast food.

– When we opened the shop in 2015 the plan was to sell traditional Norwegian meals like pea soup and stew. This unfortunately did not respond well to the environmentally conscious citizen of Oslo. They wanted vegan or vegetarian alternatives like spicy carrot soup or chili concarne.

I guess this matches with my impression of the foodies of my generation.




So why should you choose to buy the ecological alternatives? There are many reasons, but I like this way of explaining it. Think about this. All living things are equipped with certain skills to prevent them from death and illness.

For fruits and veggies some of these defense mechanisms are called antioxidants. You have probably heard of them, they are an important part of our immune system as well. These protective traits are present at a much larger scale in organically grown crops.
– If plants and animals live without medication they develop much greater resistance themselves, says the farmer.
I agree: Healthy organic greens begets healthy humans.

So what can we do to get more places like Jøndal Gård, who takes this seriously?
–  The consumer has the power, Omar concludes.

He and his wife also have a restaurant in central Eidsvoll, and the next step is to open a place in Grunerløkka. I bet the residents there will be thrilled.



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