…and all thats good in life!


Its springtime again. The time to start new projects and give birth to new ideas. Heres my contribution. (No, I`m not joining tinder or getting a tattoo)!

You like it, I like it, and we are doing it more than ever. We are eating our meals outside the four walls of our house far more often than we used to. Did you know that they’ve even started building houses without kitchens in the US? I don’ know if this is a positive thing. Anyway, the reason behind this is that people have stopped making food themselves.We eat out or we takeaway. A house without a kitchen would not work in Norway. However, there is no doubt that we enjoy more of our meals at interesting cafe`s and restaurants. This makes it even more important that the food that were being served is of high quality. It ought to be taken for granted!


So lets cut to the chase.
For some time now I`ve been thinking of adding a new column to Hjerteføde. My intension is to present the eateries in Oslo that speak to me. Places that there should be more of. Places where they serve organic, locally grown food. Maybe even vegan or vegetarian, like the recipes on this blog. These requirements may not be followed strictly all of the time. However, all the places I present here will have an element of something that I LOVE!

I will write these articles in english so they will be available not only to the people living in Oslo, but also acting as a city guide for tourists looking for hidden treasures and tips. The first post of “…and all that’s good in life“ will be published next week. So stay tuned. I`m exited 🙂

Thanks to M for the idea, and to N for spell checking.


Don Martin & Tommy Tee – Nilsen



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